Located in the heart of Rajasthan Ajmer is a small town with a very interesting past and in todays world growing facets of growth and development in aspects of Culture, Education, state and privately owned Industrial & infrastructure establishments coalesce towards the fascination for trade tourism and investments in the district.

In a picturesque valley surrounded by the hills of the Aravali range, 132 Kms. west of current state capital – Jaipur lies the historic city of Ajmer- a green oasis, wrapped by barren hills founded by Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan in 7th century A.D.. Ajmer got its name from name from ‘Ajay Meru’ or the invincible hill. Here he built India’s first hill fort, Taragarh. It continued to be the power center of the Chauhan clan till the end of the 12th century, Through times of War and peace. Through serenity and sacrifice.

As an aside, Ajmer is also the base for visiting Pushkar about 14 kms. away. The abode of Lord Brahma the Pushkar lake is a sacred spot for the HIndus, where they take a dip especially in the month of Karthik and considered spiritually motivated.

Best Sightseeing Destination in Ajmer are :-
1) Ana Sagar lake.
2) Taragarh Fort.
3) Lake Foy Sagar.
4) Dargah Shariff.
5) Nasiyan Jain Temple.
6) Savitri Temple.

Best Time to go to Ajmer is- “Throught out the Year”.

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