Mount Abu

Out in the parched desert of Rajasthan, Mount Abu, a surprising mountain retreat, will take you high above the heat wave – where the air is cool and the weather is pleasant. On a drive through the desert, you’ll suddenly find the sands give way to verdant mountains, the beautiful Nakki Lake fringed with lovely trees, cool breeze, and heavenly environs.

There are many other things about this quaint and only hill station in Rajasthan. Apart from the famous Jain Dilwara Temples with their intricately carved facades, the town has ancient Gaumukh Temple and the beautiful Nakki Lake. Listen to locals reciting fables of ancient Indian sages at the Gaumukh Temple and Adhar Devi Temple. Enjoy endless hours deciphering stories of Jainism that are carved intricately on the walls of the Dilwara Temples.

In addition to the temples, the hill station has its own set of peaceful places where you can spend time at. A walk through the Peace Park, which is impeccably maintained by a charitable organisation, will cool you off. Enjoy picturesque views from the Sunset Point as well as the Honeymoon Point.

Best Sightseeing Destination in Mount Abu are:-
1) Dilwara Temple.
2) Nakki Lake.
3) toad Rock.
4) Honeymoon and Sunset point.
5) Adhar Devi Temple.

Best Time to go to Mount Abu is- “February, March, July, September, October, November, December, January” etc.

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